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Spanking Paddles By Walt

Here you'll find spanking paddles in many different kinds of wood .  I make every paddle with my own hands.  Occasionally I do special orders.  If you have questions about anything on this site, just email me.  Since all of my spanking paddles are handmade of solid wood, there will be some differences in size and grain configuration from one paddle to the next. This should not be taken as a defect. As in anything handmade of wood, the beauty and value are in the uniqueness of every piece created.

If I say a spanking paddle is made of solid ash, however, it will be made of solid ash. I use only solid wood to create my paddles and all edges are sanded smooth and slightly rounded before I apply several coats of non-yellowing lacquer for an incredibly smooth finish.  Holes in spanking paddles are beveled on one side of the paddle. 

My Guarantee:  If you are not completely satisfied with one of my spanking paddles, you may return it for a full refund of your purchase price with no hassles.  The only thing I will ask is what you didn't like about it. 

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