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Use Your Credit Card

The easiest and fastest way to buy an item is to use your credit card.   Just follow the links to our store from the item you're interested in.  Click on Add to Cart beside the item you want to order and answer the other questions. 

Is It Safe to Use My Credit Card?

You can be sure of two things:  All of your personal and private information is handled by being securely encrypted before it is sent over the internet.  You can tell this is happening by the way the 'http://' changes to 'https://' (which indicates a secure, encrypted connection) whenever you are entering sensitive information.  Second, you can be sure that your credit card won't be charged until your item is ready to ship.  Unlike some other payment services which take your money immediately when you order (Like PayPal), we use a credit card merchant account and we will never process the actual charge to your card until we're sure that the item is in stock and we will be able to ship it.  Remember that when you see the charge for your item on your credit card statement it will show that you have purchased something from BreadWoodDesign&More.

How Will My Item Be Packaged?

Good question!  Most items are shipped in a Priority Mail box from the Post Office with our home address on the label.  Items that won't fit in a Priority Mail box will be shipped in a plain cardboard box.  All paddles are packed in such a manner that no one would ever be able to tell what was inside before the package is opened.  There are no giveaway markings on the outside of the package--only my return address.


How Will the Charge Show Up on My Credit Card Statement?

Your credit card statement will show a charge from


in the amount of the item.  No other charges are added to the total you see when you click on View Cart.....with one exception.  If your item is being shipped to an address in Texas, 8.25% sales tax will be added.

When Will My Item Be Shipped?

Normally it takes me several days to get your order ready and you'll usually have it in hand within seven to 10 days from your order. If it can't be shipped within that time frame, I will email you right away and give you the opportunity to wait or to cancel the order.

Send Us a Check or Money Order

If you like, you may pay by check or money order.  It will take a little longer if you send a personal check because we'll wait to ship your order for ten business days after we deposit your check.  Orders paid by cashier's check or money order are shipped immediately.  Just send us a note telling us what you want to buy and we'll send it out to you. Be sure to include your email address so we can let you know about the shipping date and your mailing address so we'll know where to send it.  We ship most things Priority Mail.  Here's the address where you can send your check or money order:

Walt Wilbourne
231 Stone Mountain Road
Cresson Texas 76035-5641


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